Chrysler Electric
UNT Final Portfolio | Professor Brandon DeLoach | Spring 2021​​​​​​​
Chrysler Electric is the new collection of electric Jeeps, Ram trucks, Vipers, and more that make up a brand. These cars are exciting, cool, luxurious while still including a performance upgrade, being electric. 
The logo for Chrysler Electric was based on one of the past logos from the 1950s. I incorporated wings, flying, and the look of speed in the logo. Compared to the old logo, the new logo appears faster and more exciting with its stretched body.
Above are photos to help represent the brand. 
For the images, I cropped out the sky and created these neon lines to give a sense of power and speed. Without the darker background, the lines would be lost in the skies. I also chose cars that are in the process of moving to better represent their capabilities.
All of the Chrysler Electric cars will have the logo as a badge on the car to show it has the brand's capabilities. On all the advertisements and photos with the cars, the neon lines wave around them to show the energy that comes from the car and its speed.
The image below is of the Chrysler Electric trade show. Through the image, you should feel the energy, speed, and power represented throughout the brand. It shows that Chrysler Electric is not a weaker option.
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