UNT Final Portfolio  |  Professor Brandon DeLoach  |  Spring 2021​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
This logo was published in Graphis New Talent Annual 2021
For waffle lovers, Zinneken's is a growing Belgium waffle cafe in Boston, Massachusetts that makes the best waffles outside of Belgium. Their waffle toppings include just about anything from chocolate, fruit, speculoos, and more as well as a large coffee menu. 
 Given that each of Zinneken's waffles is unique, I chose to display them on the posters and menus. With such a variety of waffle toppings, I advertised to their consumers by displaying the differences in each waffle. 
The packaging and food truck would not be mistaken for another brand with the iconic waffle pattern. It is easily noticeable and validates the waffles the cafe sells.
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